Frequently Asked Questions

Storage and Warehouse

Is it possible to have a list of the items and boxes I have in storage with you?
Will you need to open my boxes?
Where are my belongings stored?


How does your pricing work?
How will I pay for my storage?
What am I commiting to if I sign up to a particular time period?
If I want my boxes returned to me, how much will this cost?
What happens if I ask for my boxes to be returned halfway through a month?
Do you offer refunds on packaging materials?
Do you charge for sending packaging materials?
Can businesses use this service?

Packing and Items Descriptions

Can I store things other than boxes?
Do I need to label my boxes and items?
Am I able to use my own boxes?
What can I not store?
What is the weight limit for my box?
Do you sell packaging materials?

Safeguard Protection

Can I protect my items using Safeguard Protection?
Am I able to take out different levels of Safeguard Protection on some items?
Is it possible to cancel my Safeguard Protection?
Am I protected against damage to my items with you?


How do I get my boxes returned to me?
Am I able to have my boxes delivered to a different address?
Will the courier call me when they arrive?
How much notice do I need to give before requesting my boxes back?
Will there be a charge if I miss my delivery?
Can I request just one box to be returned to me?


Am I able to change the details of my collection order?
Do you collect on weekends?
From where can you collect my boxes?
What time will you collect my boxes?
Will the courier call me when they arrive?
If I miss my collection will there be a charge?

Empty Boxes

How do I get my empty boxes?
Can I have my empty boxes delivered to one address, but the fully packed boxes collected from a different address?
What if I do not know how many boxes I need?
Will I need packing materials to pack the boxes?
Will the driver call me when they are outside with my empty boxes?
Will I need to label the boxes, or make a note of what is in which box?
When you send my items back to me, what happens to the boxes?
Will there be a charge if my empty box delivery cannot be made?

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus and Box Storage
What are you doing to protect customers and staff?
I need new or extra box storage. Is this available?
Are you still open?